Fat Power. Whatever you Weigh is Right.


Llewellyn Louderback


1970 by Hawthorn Books Inc. New York.

This manifesto about the "Brainwash," is from way back when obese people were a downtrodden minority. But it is still a minority point of view now that obese people are a downtrodden majority. How anybody could think that obese people are mostly "deniers," (like Louderback) is hard to believe. "This book's contention that a fat person's major problem is not his obesity but the view that society takes of it." is true, even prescient, since it reads so well today, 37 years later. The obese hate themselves as much as society does. Surveys have found that an obese person would rather have an amputated arm than be fat. I also agree with Louderback's given, that your weight and shape have nothing to do with diet and exercise, society's presumption to the contrary notwithstanding. He quotes Twiggy, that icon of thinness, as saying, "I eat like a horse." p66.
The Banting diet sounds like the Atkins-South Beach diet..p89, p117
Drs.Geheimrath Leyden p 91 and John Harvey Kelogg p106 and Ancel Keys p139 on the pains of weight reduction.
In 1959 Stunkard and McLaren-Hume comprehensive rview of the literature since 1931. In 1966, Dr. Joseph A Glennon conducted a follow up survey. "Review of the literature since 1958." Obesity is incurable.