About Me

John DiTraglia M.D.

717 5th Street

Portsmouth, OH 45662



I am a Pediatrician of long standing here in Portsmouth. I have always been interested in fat science. One reason might be that everyone's getting fatter and fatter and since there is no remedy for obesity, the pundits are saying that it's up to the Pediatricians to prevent it in the first place. Well, as we'll see there's no way to prevent it either.

But the real reason that I'm so attracted to this subject is that everybody seems to have it all wrong. I specialize in iconoclasm.

It's not just the tabloids and the get-thin-quick-schemers, but also a big preponderance of doctors and even obesity experts, who are wrong.

Ah oh. That sounds like I'm one of those weirdos who propound the secret that all the experts have missed. No, I don't have any secrets. I'm not selling anything. I only mean to examine the scientific literature and also some common sense in order to expose the stupidity of the standard advice - eat right and exercise more - for trying to loose weight. I hope I can convince you but I'll also try to show you what scientific evidence is like. so you can find things out for yourself.

This stuff may seem pessimistic if you are easily attracted to the latest weight loss diet. But knowledge is liberating, even if it doesn't liberate you from your shape. I do contend, moreover, that real breakthroughs are close at hand. We'll see what those breakthroughs might look like.

Besides that, this subject is a fascinating mystery tour.

I am not obese myself even tho I do have a 52 year old's man-belly. I do not "treat" obesity since there is no effective treatment. I don't have any secrets. I counsel my patients to have realistic (read "no") expectations.