The Fat of the Land. The Obesity Epidemic and How Overweight Americans Can Help Themselves


Micheal Fumento


1997 by Viking Penguin NY NY

The subtitle says it all.

My used copy was discarded from the Tucson-Pima Public Library.

By page xviii we get, "As this book progressed, the weight fell off. I have now lost that 25 lbs and then some..." Uh oh. I wonder what he weighs today since according to him the weight set point doesn't really exist.

On pages 33 to 35 he says survey data of calorie intake, which shows we are eating less over time or at least not eating any more, must mean that people are lying. We must also be lying more than we used to and obese people must be bigger liars. But the disappearance data, which records calories produced per capita, doesn't follow the obesity trends either...

Fumento accuses people who don't share his point of view with denial or selective reading but engages that tactic frequently. On page 104 he quotes Rudolph Leibel MD, as saying in a T.V interview, "people can't help being fat 'anymore that Micheal Jordan can help his height.'" And further- "To claim that obesity is a problem under voluntary control is comparable to blaming somebody for their skin color or their height or their hair color." I like this very reality based point of view by an important obesity researcher. Fumento spends lots of ink on refutations of these ideas.